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Post Re: Cyclops Returns(Old Thread Closed)

Originally Posted by The Original Bamfer
Yeah... either way, LastSunrise1981, you had no right to instigate with the first hit and then continue with those accusations. And, though I can understand why you're offended, you, Loganbabe, shouldn't continue with the discussion. This thread is for discussing Cyclops - so let us do just that.
I am going to say this one last time. I didn't do anything wrong at all. In the beginning all I did was post pictures of Jimmy as Cyclops and posted some information. In the process of that all I said was "Why didn't Fox give Jimmy a chance? Why did they choose to hype up Hugh and not give Jimmy a chance?"

That was all I said. Like 5 minutes later she comes in and attacks me because according to her I was bashing Hugh. So when a fellow poster mentioned that Hugh might have some competition with James singing, I warned him/her as Loganbabe seems to get defensive if someone isn't praising Hugh.

I didn't instigate or start anything. She started it and ruined a perfectly intelligent thread about James and Cyclops in general.

This is the final time I'll discuss the subject.

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