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Default Re: Cyclops Returns(Old Thread Closed)


Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay
Despite my opinions AGAINST further sequels to the X-Men films
Thank you.

Originally Posted by Nell2ThatIzzay
Because let's face it; if he's your favorite or not (and he's not my favorite, there's at least 3 characters that I am a fan of before Cyclops), Cyclops is the most important X-Men character.

Originally Posted by Nell2ThatIzzay
And whether you can accept the movie as a whole or not as a valid take on the X-Men (and I do accept X-Men: The Last Stand, as is well known, as well as the entire trilogy) what happened to Cyclops was just absolutley wrong. He should not have died, period. Not the way he did, not in battle, not trying to triumphantly and heroicly save Jean. He should not have died, period.

Okay, so he's NOT Wolverine. And okay, so Halle Berry is a bigger star than James Marsden. Cyclops absolutley did not need to have the most screen time. Hell, even the biggest role. But, he needed to be there in the end, to rally the X-Men, and fight for Jean to save her (whether that be by killing her, or by bringing her back).

With Wolverine, it works, just because it's in his character to do that.

But for the essence of the story, for the essence of the X-Men, that's not how it should be done.

Originally Posted by Nell2ThatIzzay
But throughout the entire trilogy, when the character is there, I think he is one of the better portrayed characters in the entire trilogy.
As I said numerous time... This is the ONE issue we'll never agree on.

You think he got a fair/decent deal in X1/X2.
I don't. The two times he gets two lead, the team gets thrashed. We know he's not entirely to blame. We just never get the vibe that he did better than anyone else would have.

You say one of the better portrayed characters.
It's true. Pretty much everyone got portrayed plain wrong except Mags and Chuck (well, depending which movie, really...). Doesn't say much IMO. I openly admitted the writers got some basic facts right. It's just that these facts were really really hard to not convey properly. That, and the writers hardly scratched past the surface.

You say he's got a 2-1 score sheet.
I say he got two lame sorry-excuse-for-victories which had to do with the sheer nature of his powers rather than his skill/wits/prowess. Not that he's the only one in the trilogy (Storm, anyone? ). Still, he's one of the most blatant examples.

Fair enough, pal. Perspective. *shrugs*

Oh well, I'm off for the night. Tennis match of doom will have to wait for later.

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