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Default Re: Cast The Young Avengers Movie!

Originally Posted by ShaZam612 View Post
Who would be in your dream cast for a YOUNG AVENGERS movie?

Here are my picks:

Wiccan - Milo Ventamiglia
Hulkling - Patrick Flueger
Hawkeye - Sophia Bush
Patriot - J. August Richards
Stature - Kristen Bell
Speed - Bret Harrison
Vision - CGI

Wiccan - Milo

Hulklin - Patrick

Hawkeye - Sophia

Patriot - J. August

Stature - Kristen

Speed - Bret
Milo is 29-
Patrick is in his 20s-
sophia is in her early 20s-
J.August is in his 30s-
Kristen is 26 going on 27-
Bret is old-

their all to old.

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