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Cool Re: The S*** Hitting the fan starting the 9th ... signs and wonders

Hey guys! Yeah, the outdoor campaign is going up as we speak. Has anyone else seen "The Ghost Rider Was Here" on the side of buildings and billboards? There are over 20 over them here in L.A. Pretty groovy.

T.V. ads start (I think) on the 14th. There will be several differents one, from lighter fare to heavier, to love story, etc. They've been testing through the roof! There will be lots of specialty things coming up on T.V. as well, shows hosted by Nic and Eva, etc. I'll keep you posted.

As far as "negativity", trust me, you have to have a thick skin when making one of these comic book movies. I especially get a kick out of those people who sit on message boards all day saying how they're not going to go to the movie! I mean, I don't like Indian food (not a big Curry fan). But you can bet your ass I don't hang out in Indian restaurants all day telling everybody how much I hate the food! I'd go get a friggin' pizza and be done with it!

The good news is that when I showed those 20 minutes of footage at the Hollywood Cemetery the press we got afterwards was 100% positive. Even sites like Joblo and Latino Review (who have been slamming us all along) changed their tune and are now on the G.R. band wagon. What a novel idea -- actually waiting to see the footage before forming an opinion!

As always, I appreciate your support and words of encouragement. I hope you all had a great New Year's Eve. 2007 will be the Year of the Rider!


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