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Default Re: Michael Keaton Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by DCW View Post
One of his best pictures. The man just LOOKS like Batman. His facial features are actually complimentary to the mask and to the Batman look as a whole.

I also find him to be a perfect Bruce Wayne, though sans the playboy element, which was not explored. I mean, really. He's got all of the right stats for Bruce Wayne except height. Black hair, blue eyes, and to top it off, he's just got a deep look to him, exactly like any picture of Bruce Wayne brooding or thinking. Keaton could have given us the playboy side of Bruce if he'd been asked to, he shows that side in Johnny Dangerously. He's dashing, handsom but he has a touch of class, of regality: like a rich guy. Although his aloofness adds to his mystique.

Honestly, when I look at a drawing of Batman, I can see Keaton in it. That's how perfect (albiet unexpectedly) he was for the role. Not the casting decision I would have come up with on my own, but a stroke of brilliance anyway. One of those casting coups that you never expect. He melds so perfectly with the role that he really doesn't need "memory fabric" or a "Nomex survival suit for advanced infantry" to be believeable. Realistic? Maybe. But believeable? Keaton just sells it, through and through. It saddens me because Bale's more than capable, he could have sold the film/character in the same way Keaton did, but Nolan went a direction I felt was ultimately detrimental and unbecoming/unnecessary to the character as a whole. Rarely have we been privy to how his stuff works in the comics, it's not necessary. And we haven't seen where every detail of his stuff comes from. When he appears in costume the first time in Year One, we don't explain where he got the fabric for the suit, etc.... It's not that important.

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