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Default Re: Michael Keaton Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by SHADOWBAT69 View Post
Obviously it is because it seems that according to a group of SHH members your either a Batman Begins lover or you just dont matter on these boards. You cant like any other versions. The thing that irritates me is that the SHH mods let all this crap continue. We just can not have a focused thread on one particular version of Batman without it and the posters of that thread being attacked.

Heres another Keaton pic:

I love that picture. Everything about it is cool.

although...he does look like there's a fly hovering right in front of his face and he wants to swat it but he's in the middle of a photo shoot and can't.

I wish the suit from Returns had the texture that the B89 suit did. The 89 suit actually looks like it could stop bullets/knives, etc. The returns design is cool and I like that it fits him a bit better, but it just looks flimsy. (Especially when Catwoman's claw-thimbles keep piercing him...)


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