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Default Re: Michael Keaton Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by mister Lennon View Post
At first: i dont know who erased my lasts posts in this thread, but i find it very unfair because i only defended an opinion, and express my opinion about an unfair atack that is getting very usual in these forums.
Because your posts end up causing fights!

Here's a message to everyone who's ever come into a pro-Keaton party and tried to break it up....

Answer me this. Why does it matter that we like Keaton, that we're pro-Keaton and anti-Nolan. WHY DOES IT MATTER?

Does it hurt you? Do you HAVE to interject? If you think so little of us that we need to be set straight, LET US WOLLOW IN OUR IDIOCY!

I want you to take this comment seriously. Don't take it as a fight declaration or anything. Honestly think about it, see the point of my words: Do you see me going into pro-Bale/pro-Begins threads and saying how wrong the other people are?

So: Why should you? Why should anyone do the same HERE? In what is obviously a thread that you obviously don't belong in (first of all) and second of all, why care what other people say? If it's not a direct insult at you.... let it go! Let people alone!

If we want to enjoy Keaton and say what we didn't like about Bale, why does it matter to you? Why should it matter to you? I mean, haven't you noticed your words are wasted on us anyway?

Honestly, think about it. That's the only problem I've ever had with you people, is because you do this: you go into a thread where your opinion (first) wouldn't be welcome in the discussion and (second) you only end up causing fights as a result. Again I reiterate: You don't see the Burtonites (Not counting idiots like Batwing6655) spamming up the pro-Bale/pro-BB threads pointing out what's wrong with the posters, do you?

Many of you DO do that here.

Please, think about it. I'm begging you. I could care less that people hate Keaton, as long as they aren't being unreasonable in their criticism (Hating just for the sake of hating), I dont care. I don't care that they think Bale's better.

So why should you care on ther other end? Just let it go. Live and let die (as Paul McCartney said).

This summer, the great adventure returns...

Indiana Jones
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