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Default Re: Michael Keaton Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Darkest Knight View Post
The point is, you're saying let it go... yet you're continuing to talk about Christian Bale in a thread you created, specifically to talk about Michael Keaton.
I've never denied it. Does it hurt you?

The strictly Tim Burton / Michael Keaton Batman fans obviously feel threatned in having to bring up Bale in a thread completely un-related to him or his work on Batman.
No, we're not "threatened". Think what you want, because I know you're just going to continue thinking you're right anyway, but the only guy who can rival Keaton is Bale, obviously. The others weren't even in the league for consideration. Kilmer might have been, but he had outside problems ruining his chance. Second of all, I didn't bring up Bale in this thread, others did. I ran with it, but if you actually READ my posts (odd idea, I know) I'm not outright bashing Bale like others have been.

And I can pull up about a dozen examples now of Bale fans bringing up (and bashing!) Keaton. Back with BB came out (when I was actually a BB supporter, so I'm not biased) it was all Keaton/Burton bashing, all of the time. And anyone who said otherwise was viciously attacked. So it's happened on both sides, buddy. People want to act like it's only one-way. Sorry, it's not.

It just goes to show you feel insecure in your 'favorite version' when instead of strictly talking about Keaton and his performance, that you have to keep comparing it to Bale and Nolan's vision of Batman.
Because he's the only comparision. If there was no one to compare it to, then there wouldn't be any comparing. It's perfectly logical, just like when Bale fans bring up (and commonly bash as well!) Keaton to compare how great Bale was. IT'S THE SAME ON BOTH SIDES.

It's because you know damn well Bale did a great job, and that because he gets high praise from much of the true meaningful fans of the character, you feel the obligation to keep bringing him up and comparing Bale to Keaton, and saying why you think Keaton is better.
It's called an opinion. Why does it matter so much to you? Bale doesn't need defending. If our words hurt him, let him come speak for himself, you know? If you think he's so great, you shouldn't even have to say anything because we're obviously so wrong. Why not just let us be stupid in our OWN thread, where we just want to have our discussion without being rudely inturrupted. Would you like me spamming a pro-Bale thread by telling everyone how wrong and "insecure" they are? Just because you think it's an undeniable fact of the universe that Bale is perfect, doesn't mean everyone else feels the same way, and it doesn't mean your complaining is going to make us change our minds.

And it sure as HELL doesn't mean we're any less of a fan of the character than anyone pro-Bale. I've said before that Bale is techincally the one I should love, but I just don't. What's it to you?

If this is a Keaton thread, talk about Keaton. Bale has nothing to do with it. You hater.
We are talking about Keaton. Yes, there are comparisions to Bale, but if you actually take the time to read them, hardly any of it is outright bashing, just statements that amount to "Bale didn't do it for me". A hater hates just for the sake of hating. We're "Prefurring". Not "Hating".

Pointing out how balding/skinny/trollish Keaton is is hating, because it's obviously an attempt to pester Keatonites. And it's not even a fact anyway, an overinflation of facts to form insults. You don't see us dogging anything about Bale. All we say is "I just didn't like him."

Come on, try again. I know you want to.

I'm getting sick of the Burtonites getting no peace. It's rediculous, the doble-standard with Batfans. If I don't like Bale, I'm not allowed to say anything about it, not even a muttering that "I just don't like him". If I do, I have to be challenged. But the Bale fans can say "Keaton sucks because ___ and Bale rules because he's the opposite of that" and nobody complains, WE just let it go. Am I wrong or something? Isn't it that way, because it sure seems that way to me!

Add to that these questions: If I really hated Bale as much as people want to claim I do: Why would I own a copy of Batman Begins? Why would it be on the shelf right next to BATMAN and Batman Returns (and in mint-but-opened-and-watched condition, before anyone can assume otherwise)? Why would I still be planning to see The Dark Knight and further sequels (Although not optimistically)?

And I'd like to know how my preference of Keaton makes me any less of a Batman fan, since I own every Batman film ever made, religiously read the comics, know everything about the character and love the shows (even The Batman)? I'm not Batwing6655. I'm not a Burton fan who hates any non-Burton Batman. I'm a Batman diehard, and so are the other Burtonites here.

In fact, I submit to you this idea, that may dig my own grave: Nolanites might be even LESS "true" Batman fans than I, since (A) Villains like Clayface are okay to skip over for films (Because they're "Unrealistic".... that's a poor reason to skip great villains and to alter Ra's Al Ghul's immortality), (B) They hate Robin (An integral part of the Batman mythos) and don't want him in the films and (C) think it's okay for someone playing The Joker to stay away from the source material for inspiration (Sounds to me like a complete disrespection of the source material and unbefitting of a comic book film role).

And that doesn't even tie-in the reasons I feel the Nolan franchise is inferior anyway from just the first installment. If you ask me (and this IS just my opinion) outside of a LITTLE tinkering, altering or ignoring parts of the comic books is totally unacceptable. Acting like the source material was poor in any way is wrong. It's that material that we fell in love with! It CAN work on screen, don't buy into that bull. Any director worth a damn can make the comics work.

So why Burton and not Nolan? Because at least Burton was open to things like Robin and Clayface, he captured the mood for Batman as a whole (for me) better than Nolan did. To that end, the Burton films get more right than wrong. It's my opinion and my preference, and just because it isn't everyone else's doesn't make it wrong.

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