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Default Re: Michael Keaton Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Darkest Knight View Post
The point is, you're saying let it go... yet you're continuing to talk about Christian Bale in a thread you created, specifically to talk about Michael Keaton. The strictly Tim Burton / Michael Keaton Batman fans obviously feel threatned in having to bring up Bale in a thread completely un-related to him or his work on Batman.

It just goes to show you feel insecure in your 'favorite version' when instead of strictly talking about Keaton and his performance, that you have to keep comparing it to Bale and Nolan's vision of Batman. It's because you know damn well Bale did a great job, and that because he gets high praise from much of the true meaningful fans of the character, you feel the obligation to keep bringing him up and comparing Bale to Keaton, and saying why you think Keaton is better.

If this is a Keaton thread, talk about Keaton. Bale has nothing to do with it. You hater.
This is the MISC. BATMAN FILMS forum.....and this thread is for THE APPRECIATION OF MICHAEL for you to keep comeing in here and complaining about what he says about Bale, makes you look like the insecure one.

You have the Batman Begins movie and sequels forum to sing the praises of Bale.....others have this forum to sing the praises of Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney, and West.....quit stirring up trouble please.

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