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Default Re: Was BF a "decent" Batman Film or Not?

Originally Posted by Morzan View Post
Even though I find it subpar story-wise to Burton's flicks, I still enjoy watching it here and there. B&R is a different story though.
I have to disagree, story-wise Forever is superior to Burton's movies. THink about it; what is the story of Batman? Or Batman Returns? Not very much at all. Both simply introduce their characters into the arean of Gotham and then let them interact until the climax. I love both films, but storyline has never been Burton's strong point (as Daniel Waters, who wrote Returns says, Burton was not interested in anything to do with the plot).

Forever has a fantastic plot. Batman confronts his duality. He finds out exactly why he has two personalities, and finally makes a distinction between them. Everything in the movie ties into this. You have Dick Grayson, who Bruce must decide whether to allow to follow his path. You have Chase Meridian (whose name means 'persue a dividing line'), who helps Bruce unlock the secrets of his identity. You have Two-Face, which is self-explanatory.
And finally the Riddler....and I love this part of the movie....finally achieves his goal of becoming his idol, Bruce Wayne, at the end - and everything that comes with it. Thus he ends up in Arkham Asylum.

All this in a screenplay which doesn't waste a single scene and expertly juggles five characters, and leads to a perfect, logical and symbollic climax.

Look beyond the neon lights and the silly antics of Jones and Carrey and Forever is a great story. Better yet, read the novelisation.

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