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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Originally Posted by Keyser Sushi View Post
I made an exception for Hush as well. I don't worship Jeph Loeb (I think he's reasonably good, but not the best), however I do love Jim Lee's art, and since Jeph Loeb was writing the story, that means, by default, that Jim Lee was going to get to draw EVERY CHARACTER in the DC Universe, so I was interested if only for that.

While I have decided not to speak ill of Burton's stuff because I'm tired of Burton fans bashing Nolan, and I think we ought to try and bridge some gaps here, it is certainly undeniable that Burton's Batman movies were, well, Burton's Batman movies. Burton has a unique style and he put that stamp all over Batman's world. You'd expect nothing less of Burton. And if you're a Burton fan then that's not a bad thing, and if you don't like Burton then it probably is a bad thing.
S'all I'm sayin, man. I was fortunate enough to grow as a Comic Book Batman fan before that movie came out. I'm not saying that I don`'t like Burton. On the contrary. I've watched and have thoroughly enjoyed all of Burton's movies. Made a point to watch them because they were Burton movies. But it was his direction with the character that lead to Batman Forever and Batman and Robin.
For me, it's not my favorite interpretation, but it's as valid as any other. I certainly do prefer Nolan's film, because it comes closer to the tone of the Batman stories that I love. And honestly, I think Nolan has a better handle on the character.
Whole heartedly agree with you here as well. The stories that I love and that I feel Begins came closer to were the stories that were around before, during and soon after the '89 movie. These stories did indeed boost Batman's popularity in comics and you and I are proof of that. These stories finally established a persona to the character that artists and writers had been working very hard to obtain for years.
I think the dealbreaker is probably Returns, for most of us. I think the story of '89 makes pretty good sense, but Returns is pretty silly, plot-wise. I have never gotten over Penguin getting the blueprints for the Batmobile. I don't know how that would even be possible. It just felt cheap and easy. And Penguin was so... unlike the Penguin from the comics, too, it was a little distressing. When I was 12 I thought '89 seemed pretty realistic, so I was very surprised by Returns. I've read Sam Hamm's original script for Returns, and it's quite a bit better. Oddly it includes some things that the Batchlers recycled into Batman Forever, and some things that seem to have made their was into TAS as well.
Okay I'm just wierd like this but I actually liked Returns. I was very dissapointed in the Penguin's lack of vocabulary, which in the comics is as trademark to the penguin as his umbrella and monicle. But I liked the overall dark moodiness to the film. That and I always liked Batman stories where it's snowing. Yeah wierd. Though I won't deny Returns had a measure of cheeze that we don't find in the '89 movie. And Oh God the puns that overpowered Returns in general. I loved Returns for Catwoman. For the chemistry with Batman and Catwoman. Hale Berre's movie showed me I made the wiser decision on that one. Still haven't seen that Catwoman movie.


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