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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

S'all I'm sayin, man. I was fortunate enough to grow as a Comic Book Batman fan before that movie came out. I'm not saying that I don`'t like Burton. On the contrary. I've watched and have thoroughly enjoyed all of Burton's movies. Made a point to watch them because they were Burton movies. But it was his direction with the character that lead to Batman Forever and Batman and Robin.
I'm not a huge Burton fan but I don't have a problem with him. And Batman '89 was a seminal part of my teenage years. But you're right that his direction led to Forever and B&R. I also believe that his approach to Gotham (I loved Anton Furst's sets) opened the door for Schumacher's ridiculous Gotham.
Whole heartedly agree with you here as well. The stories that I love and that I feel Begins came closer to were the stories that were around before, during and soon after the '89 movie. These stories did indeed boost Batman's popularity in comics and you and I are proof of that. These stories finally established a persona to the character that artists and writers had been working very hard to obtain for years.
Oh yeah. I read a few Batman comics in the early- to mid-eighties, but it wasn't until after Batman '89 that I became a full-on collector. And yes, those stories around that time ares one that I remember fondly. A Lonely Place of Dying - the Tim Drake introduction story? Greatness. Dark Knight / Dark City? Greatness. The NKVDemon? Fun. That Scarecrow storyline leading up to Tim getting the new Robin suit? Hell yes!

Okay I'm just wierd like this but I actually liked Returns. I was very dissapointed in the Penguin's lack of vocabulary, which in the comics is as trademark to the penguin as his umbrella and monicle. But I liked the overall dark moodiness to the film. That and I always liked Batman stories where it's snowing. Yeah wierd. Though I won't deny Returns had a measure of cheeze that we don't find in the '89 movie. And Oh God the puns that overpowered Returns in general. I loved Returns for Catwoman. For the chemistry with Batman and Catwoman. Hale Berre's movie showed me I made the wiser decision on that one. Still haven't seen that Catwoman movie.
I don't hate Returns -- in fact I liked it more than any of my friends did when it came out. But I find it hard to watch now. The only thing I do like about it is the Bruce and Selena stuff, as everybody else says too. LOL. It's undeniable that the Keaton / Pfieffer chemistry was great, and she was a great Catwoman.

But I still think somebody owes me an explanation on those blueprints. I'm not an idiot, why did they want to treat me like one?

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