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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

But I still think somebody owes me an explanation on those blueprints. I'm not an idiot, why did they want to treat me like one?
LOL! Yeah man! I had the same question when I first saw the movie. I was like "What . . . we get to see em rig the Batmobile but not sneek into the Batcave?" But of course I always believed that with the way Penguin was portrayed as a sewer dweller that he and his Circus gang kept tabs on Batman's appearances in Gotham. One of the circus members could have drawn those blueprints. But I'm right there with you man. If that were the case they could have explained that in the movie. Would have been nothing to have a circus henchman sitting at a drafting table when Max Shreck had his first visit to the 'Underground Circus'. S'like it would have been nothing for Prof. Lupin to had a little bit of diologue with Harry Potter dealing with the Murauder's Map and the white stag pertronus.


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