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Default Re: Goku vs Superman

A lot of you DBZ fans believe that Son Goku is so dominant because of the various power levels, forms and/or transformations that he can assume. In actuality, since the crisis on infinite earths, Superman too has taken on other forms (levels) which I will cite here. Obviously, Superman (or Kal-El) is a Kryptonian so I will indicate his levels using the abbreviation SK (for Super Kryptonian). Take note that although these manifestations (if you want to call it that) did occur in the comics, the terminology that I am using to describe them are not necessarily official.


This would be Superman in his normal form (un-powered by the sun). At this level he is just a normal Kryptonian, which is presumably far stronger than a normal human being.

Byrne's Weak Superman (SK-I)

This was Superman during the John Byrne era (circa 1986-1988). It's kind of sad to see him being shown up by the likes of Big Barda, but this Superman was powerful enough to withstand a 40 megaton nuclear blast (at ground zero) without any noticeable injuries (except for passing out after he hit the ground and tried to fly away).

Aberration Superman
(from Superman v2 #89)

Superman reached this state after an uncontrolled absorption of solar radiation shortly after his death and recovery. Just as his absorption was uncontroled so was his powers (out of control).

Superman Red/Blue

This was believed to be a natural evolution of Superman's powers. In this form, Superman could phase through solid objects, see frequencies of energy, and draw power from electrical sources. In order to maintain physical cohesion in this form, he needs to wear a containment suit (and hence the change in costume). Since we will more that likely not see superman in these forms again I will not count them as legitimate forms.

Sun-dipped Superman (SK-II)
(from All Star Superman #1)

Superman can reach this level just by skimming the surface of the sun. In this state he has 3X the normal power of a (presumably) weak Superman - strong enough to lift more than 200 quintillion tons with one arm. Just for the record the earth weighs about 6 sextillion tons.

Sun-soaked Superman (SK-III)
(from Action Comics #782)

This is Superman after piercing through the heart of the sun, which makes him seem to be wreathed in flames, and gives him enough strength and power to move an entire dwarf planet.

Power Cosmic Superman

Superman reached this state after being granted the Power Cosmic by Galactus in the 1999 Superman/FF crossover. In this state Reed Richards claimed that Superman was the second most powerful being in the universe. Of course this is more or less an elsworld tale so it should not be considered an official state.

Superman Prime (SK-IV)
(from DC One Million #4)

This is Superman after dwelling in the heart of the sun for more than 800,000 years. The extent of his powers is unknown although he is considered to be near god at this point.

So Superman has power levels too now there. What do you guys think about that?

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