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Default Re: Should they change the costume for the sequel?

Originally Posted by kakarot069 View Post
we need something other than a Reeve suit clone... If we REALLY want Singer to get out of Donner's shadow, it has to start with the suit.
The TW-as-Supes thread (cross-posted to the Justice thread, I believe) has some completely new, different, and contemporary teen Clark/Supes suit ideas based on the SV *Aquaman* suit. I see no reason these suit ideas couldn't inspire some changes to the SR suit.

As a fan of just about any version of Superman, I'm hoping I won't get flamed for posting this here since these pix are relevant to the suit discussion. Change everyone's heads if that makes it less controversial... Stick BR's head on all five of the guys if you like...

But I didn't make the design; please credit Wilde/ask Wilde re: any future manips.

Originally Posted by Wilde View Post

Originally Posted by Wilde View Post
Update #2:

I put yellow back in the shield, made the shoes into boots, and made hood red.
Originally Posted by Wilde View Post
Update #3:

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