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Default Re: Jim Lee, greatness or over estimated?

He's my favorite artist for Bats followed by Adams and Sale. I just like everything about his look. Luckily for Bats, there have been a crapload of amazing and good artists.

Yea, people call his style un-original but they forget that it was in the 90s when he became a huge hit that a crapload of people took off from his style.

One of the biggest complaints I heard from his recent work on Hush was the men designs. People generally say that he merely drew the same character for Bruce, Clark, Harvey, and Tommy, but with different hair. There are actually differences as in the cheek bones, chins, ears...small details which is why I hear a lot of complaints since those are only noticeable if you really look and not at first glance.

But all of this doesn't matter at me...when I decide which artists for Batman I do and do not like...the main way I decide is actual Batman design; Lee's is my favorite.

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