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Default Re: Jim Lee, greatness or over estimated?

Originally Posted by Cobblepot View Post
I'm really torn about this guys art.
He has some brilliant moments mainly in Black and White and his painted stuff in Hush.
But overall I find his action seq. rather bland and it bugs me that he uses (or rather re-uses) a lot of his poses.
And did you notice how his early Batman resembled Frank Millers DKR?

So, what do u think of him?

I think his art is absolutely amazing. His characters are big muscular and manly looking. What comics should be. Comics aren't supposed to be realistic. It is supposed to be about these in-shape powerful looking heroes.

His art is very true to the old school look of comic books, while adding a new sharp animation look to the style.

His Batman is the best Batman I have seen in quite some time. If I was to say an artist draws his characters too bulky, it would be Mcguinness. His Batman and Superman are obviously VERY cartoony, but they are wayyyy too bulky, and short looking.

Where as Jim Lee makes his characters look very tall yet muscular, they have a great proportion to them.

I know that some people may view it as TOO BIG, but I am going to school for art. And I have grown up watching Arnold and Stallone etc. So I prefer to see my heroes all jacked up. I also workout, and understand that being bigger and stronger is much more intimidating. So when you look at Jim Lee's Batman, according to Batman's bio, that is exactly how he should look. Big and intimidating.

A man who is 6'2, 210lbs, in best human physical shape. Than ya, he is going to be that big. It is natural.
**(EDIT)** - He wouldn't be that big at 210...he looks about...250-270 when Lee Draws him**

So in my opinion, Jim Lee draws a very strong Batman, a well done Batman.

His artwork has inspired me over the passed couple of months, and my art has gotten better since than.

So Yes, I would say Jim Lee is "GREAT"!

(PS: This picture posted isn't even his best work.)


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