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Default Re: Jim Lee, greatness or over estimated?

Originally Posted by Carmine Falcone View Post
Yeah in Hush there is a page-spread where Bats has his hands at ''Jason Todd''s neck. His arm there is broader than his ****ing back.

It all depends on the angle and proportion of the picture. I remember which picture you are talking about...I'm pretty sure.

(if I am right, it is the one where he has Jason By the neck, and it is a front shot of Batman and kind of a side shot of Jason's face)

**EDIT** I was wrong, it is an over the sholder shot from behind Batman...But it is proportioned, the angle that he is on, his arm would look that big**

Anyways, the closer an object is, the bigger it looks. And a 210lbs muscular man, if he is closer to you with his hands, his arms (on that angle) will look big.

here is the pic**


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