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Cool Q & A w/Louis Leterrier: Round 2

This is per Louis Leterrier's request. I'm going to be sending him all questions per e-mail and then sending all answers back to here. SHH is not set up for a chat session with 100+ people at once. LOL

To make things simple for me all I ask is the following:

1) Post as many questions as you like but put all of your questions in BOLD PRINT! If you're chatting back and forth or responding to Louis's answers I post here just leave it in regular font. This way I can zip through it and get it done. I'm going to the "Let's Talk" thread now and I'm going to send all the questions from there to here and then to Louis.

2) After your questions type in your screen name at the bottom so when I cut and paste it Louis knows who's he's responding too. If you don't type it I'll just send him the question without it.

3) If you don't mind try looking through all the questions before asking the same one's again cause who knows how long he's gonna do this before he's off to start filming so let's get as many fresh one's in as we can.

-Advanced Dark


Louis in the "Let's Talk" thread did provide this information:

1) Hulk will be all CGI except in certain cases where prosthetics will be used.
2) Hulk will show feats of strength.
3) Thunderbolt is the main villain w/Blonsky (Abomination not far behind)
4) They are close to casting banner & the rest of the cast will follow.
View all of Louis Leterrier's SHH Posts/Answers right HERE!

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