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Th Smile Q & A w/Louis Leterrier: Round 2

Mr. Leterrier,

You directed The Transporter and The Transporter 2, which were fun films with great action sequences. Some things were over the top; however, the films stuck to their own level of integrity making no excuses for what they were and as a result they worked.

That being said I wanted to know what type of feel you are going for in this film. Is the subject going to be taken seriously and just kind of ignore the Ang Lee debacle? From my standpoint, and I think that of most others, people want comic heroes given serious treatment and a good story. In this case they really want to see the Hulk smashing stuff.

However, delving too deep into the human psyche, as Ang Lee did, will just alienate the audience. Nobody intuitively clicked with the Hulk being different shades of green and different sizes dependent on his level of emotional turmoil and resultant anger. The comic panels idea in the movie also failed, it really only served as a distraction and pulled you out of the film.

The Hulk should be one size, the proper shade of green and for the most part pissed off. Are you going to have the budget for the same quality of special effects Ang Lee had? I have to admit the Hulk looked good for the most part in his film.

Please, of please no atomic poodles, unnecessary subplots or scenes designed to interject humor that only derail the film. Please see Mark Steven Johnson's playground fight between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in Daredevil as a prime example of just such a scene. Good luck, a lot of people want to see this done right. ~Gene

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