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Default Re: Q & A w/Louis Leterrier: Round 2

Hi Louis,

Watching the first movie again last night (for like the 50th time!) I have to say is still love it, its a great movie, so as you can imagine, i'm a bit worried about how much this new movie will deviate from it. Are you able to tell us how much you will recognise and follow the first movie?

Also, are you able to tell us roughly how long TIH will be?

And finally, i'm just gonna say this, I REALLY dislike Zak Penn after X3, which IMO is one of THE worst 3 comic book movies EVER! Please tell me that the TIH script is NOTHING like X3.


2014 movie ratings out of 10:

1)X-Men: DOFP-10(2)Interstellar-9.5(3)Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes-9.5(4)Guardians Of The Galaxy-9.5(5)Gone Girl-9(6)Captain America: TWS-9(7)Edge Of Tomorrow-9(8)Hobbit: BOTFA-9(9)HTTYD 2-9(10)The Guest-8.5(11)WOWS-8.5(12)Godzilla-8(13)Neighbours-8(14)Amazing Spider-Man 2-7.5(15)Lego Movie-7.5(16)Transformers: AOE-7.5(17)Robocop-7.5(18)SC: ADTDF-7(19)300:ROAE-7(20)Equalizer-7(21)MWTDITW-7(22)47 Ronin-6(23)Monuments Men-5(24)Ride Along-5(25)I, Frankenstein-3
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