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Cool Re: Q & A w/Louis Leterrier: Round 2

Originally Posted by Retroman View Post
I'm confused. What exactly are are the answers? The format doesn't make ideal reading...for me at least.

Wouldn't it be better to put Mr.Leterrier's answers in a different color. Just a suggestion.

The attempt yesterday was a mess so those are just all the questions. If you read the first part of the first post you'll see that things will be different after this post. I was just reposting all the questions already sent to Leterrier. I didn't bother going back and typing in the names of each person who sent them that's why I wrote the first post up the way I did. Things will be much clearer from this point on. Also for all of Leterrier's answers see the bottom of the first post. (Link) Again the format above is just the list of questions from yesterday. From now on it'll be like above where people write their list in BOLD and sign their name below.

You'll find all of LL's answers in here: up until today. After that they'll all be in this thread from me to you and it'll be easy to read.


Everything above this post has been SENT!

Edit: Retro I fixed the post above to make it easier to understand for everyone.

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