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Default Re: Q & A w/Louis Leterrier: Round 2

HereĀ“s some questions:

- Do you intend to keep a character-driven tone to the movie, but a somewhat faster pacing, more humor, etc. or has Marvel "freaked out" with the disappointing BO of the first movie and wants to do a full on non-stop action movie?

- Is there any chance of actors who have been in the first - like Sam Elliot - to get back for the sequel?

- Do you intend to make Hulk a little closer to actual human proportions and avoid the "cartoon" criticism the FX for the first movie received?

- Do you think the movie should keep being referential to sources like Frankenstein and Jekyll and Hyde, since they were the main inspiration for the character?

- If you were to compare the tone of the sequel with another superhero movie, which it would be? X-Men, Spider-Man, Batman (Nolan version), Fantastic Four (God, no)?

- Do you think the leading parts should all be unknown?


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