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Arrow Re: Q & A w/Louis Leterrier: Round 2

Didn't follow all of the production so far, maybe something was already answered:

1. What's the relationship of Bruce and Betty in your story? (friends, co-workers, couple, married)
2. How old are Bruce and Betty in the movie?
3. Will Sam Elliott reprise his role as General Ross?
4. Does "Thunderbolt" mean that Ross gets powers and actually fights the Hulk?
5. Is the Abomination created like in the early comics or more like in the "Ultimates" or in a totally new way?
6. What things from the last movie do you ignore and what do you keep?
7. Will Stan Lee and/or Lou Ferrigno make cameos again?
8. What places will the fight scenes take place mostly? (city, desert, etc.)
9. Did you or Zak Penn consult anyone from the Marvel/Hulk writers to write the final script?
10. How does the movie start resp. what will the first 5 minutes show us? (for ex.: a rather long intro OR a straight jump into an action scene?)
11. Do you already have plans for future stories? If so, are any setups for them in the movie?
12. Will there be any appearences or mentions of other Marvel owned characters or their alter egos? (for ex.: Tony Stark or Iron Man)

Thanks for your time.

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