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Default Re: SuperMan Sequel: Major Twists-Shocking Truth about Jason

Originally Posted by BoBByJoMo View Post
What if in a later sequel, S3 perhaps, Jason is actually somehow tied to Cadmus, ala Terry in Batman Beyond.

SR2: Brainiac
SR3: Metallo or Bizarro & Cadmus

Introduce Amanda Waller and have Lex use his millions to back up Project Cadmus financially, although he doesn't know Waller's true intentions. Waller, realizing that Lois is close to Superman, had a sample of Superman's Kryptonian DNA injected into Lois during her pregnancy, thus altering Richard and her child's DNA matrix.

Superman has to fight off either Bizarro or Metallo or both while trying to discover the secret about Project Cadmus.

It could come off a bit too dark for a Superman film, but it would make a great film.
ok replace superman with batman and you have the epologe episode of JLU right there.

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