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Default Re: Should they introduce Kara Zor-El in the sequels?

Originally Posted by Brainiac 2009 View Post
Ya, JLU was good but sadly it got compromised by her not being his real cousin and not being a Kryptonian.

I think they had the right idea to bring her back in 04, but fans just werent down with her new teenybopper ways.
You're right. There was some deviation, but I liked the way they did show a connection if not Kryptonian, then with the sister planet of Argos. Still, a Kryptonian origin for Kara would be fine as well. I didn't mind the lack of blood-kin so to speak, because Clark pretty much has taken her in as a sister or cousin. I liked how she interacted with Ma/Pa Kent in STAS as well, too.

I do agree with you with regard to the way they did her with the teenybopper ways in 04. I would have preferred that they had matured her a little more. Again, I liked the progression from STAS to JLU.

As long as they get the relationship right between Kara and Clark, I'd be pleased. I really liked how toward the end of Legacy in STAS, she was the one who pulled him back instead of pursuing Darkseid, and helped bring him to his senses. That connection between her and Clark is what I really liked.

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