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Default Re: SuperMan Sequel: Major Twists-Shocking Truth about Jason

the only way to solve this is for Jason to be killed off

simple as that

and making it short and sweet,

have the opening 20 minutes about brainiac arriving on the ship back to earth, and then gaining life by taking away Jason's kryptonian heritage, thus killing him in the process and then having Braniac killing Richard also later on,

then we can begin 1 and a half hours of action filled fighting between superman and brainiac

i wanna see fist fighting, superman having a real fight like a man!

This is nothing wrong with killing characters off,
it has to be done , and especially in this sequel

kill em off, and bring us the sci fi action that superman deserves

I also want to see more imagery of space and supermans kryptonian heritage,

This should be a proper Sci Fi action movie ala Star Trek Wrath of Kahn
or the Undiscovered Country

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