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Default Re: Power Rangers Re-Imagined.

Originally Posted by LostSon88 View Post
I think we do...the thing is that a lot of us feel that it has the potential to be a real serious type of fantasy movie.
This shows you guys don't.
I personally have always envisioned a MMPR movie in the vein of like the Green Lantern Corps. where the 5 are recruited and introduced to a PR Corp. in space w/ Zordon being like the 'leader' (Think JLU, but they're all Power Rangers). It would be a kind of thing where they are introduced to various PR from various planets and protect the galaxy.
Again it shows you don't. Unless you're talking about everything after Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.
Hence they could use, PR Zeo, Turbo, Ninja and all those other crappy incarnations and say that they are power rangers that protect other facets of the galaxy.
I believe they already did that with their shows.
The "Original" PR are the Earth-based incarnation.
That's how i've always seen it.
If by Original you mean MMPR, then yes.

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