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Default Re: Gene Hackman or Kevin Spacey?

Originally Posted by Afsheen View Post
Idk about John Shea after you posted that i looked up Shea on good old wikipedia, i remember i used to watch Lois & Clark but i was too young to remember the details as of now, but regardless of Shea's performance as Luthor, Michael Rosenbaum portrays Luthor as I have always imagined and seen throughout the comics and cartoons. Luthor is one of my favorite villains and unlike the crazier depiction of Luthor in the films, I would much rather see a Luthor that is for the most part cool headed, extremely intelligent, and truly a match for Superman. The Luthor in the films is no match for Superman, the only thing the Luthor really can use is kryptonite, but when we turn to the comics and cartoons, we really see that Luthor has many other attributes that rival Superman's all inclusive powers, and when I watch Rosenbaum depicting Luthor, I feel as though I am watching Lex Luthor in action and not Rosenbaum, but on the other hand, in the films, I feel like I'm watching Kevin Spacey, and Gene Hackman. That being said I'll have to revisit those Lois & Clark episodes and check out Shea's performance, because if what you say is true, I assume I will really enjoy Shea's Luthor. Now that is a good trip to take on the magic bus known as YouTube. Thanks for the heads up I'll be sure to check it out.
NP. When Rosenbaum received a Saturn award he actually gave credit to having played John Shea's Lex. You'll like it. Season 1 and 2 only though.

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