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Default Re: Gene Hackman or Kevin Spacey?

Originally Posted by \S/JcDc\S/ View Post
Ah here ya go, did a search on youtube and found this

About 3 minutes in you see a great first encounter with Lex

Yeah good stuff I really don't care who the actor is, john shea, michael rosenbaum, kevin spacey, i think theyre all very capable to be lex luthor, hackman on the other hand i don't think it's within his range. either way im going with rosenbaum, he's got the look... as far as being evil and edgy i think he's got the upper hand on shea (keywords "i think") im going to do some youtube digging and find more of shea, but i definitely pick rosenbaum over spacey and hackman. But i think spacey has a LOT of room for improvment.

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