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Default Re: Mask Of The Phantasm Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Arkard View Post
I LOVE this movie.
It outranks any other Batman flick and that includes Begins (which is in second place btw). I always said that what TAS needs to be even more perfect is a tad more mature theme. And here it is with explosions, corpses and blood. It has so many spectacular scenes, and so great lines.
And the last scene, where The Joker is laughing uncontrolably amids the flaming theme park? Gives me the chills every time.

"Whoops! Ha! I guess the joke's on me. You're not Batman after all. Looks like there's a new face in Gotham and soon his name will be all over town... to say nothing of his legs, and feet, and spleen, and head..."

And that final fight--just awesome.


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