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Default Re: Power Rangers Re-Imagined.

Well they DEFINITELY have to not like each other... I mean, not at all... in my redesign ideas, Zack and Kimberly didn't even join til five episodes in. Jason is this uberjock, Trini is an overachiever and Billy is a hopeless helpless supernerd... it's just crazy, with Kimberly so into herself and Zack as jaded as anyone has ever been, these guys have no hope. Add in Tommy, an outcast and bad boy to put Wolverine to shame, and you've got pure chaos, from the juice bar to the battlefield.

I was thinking teen actors, or at least, believably teen characters (Smallville? Not even.), and an obvious slant towards the mature with themes of the psychological fallout of having so much responsibilty, trying to protect their personal lives from Rita and a lot of stress-related drama. Relationship themes would be hard hitting and everyone would have problems all the time... when the Power Rangers win, it's at great cost, and you feel for them.

As for the visuals..., I think a total redesign of the costumes in order... keeping the colors with many nods to the origionals (metal mouths, white gloves, dino-inspired helmets)... I like Artistsean's idea about them transforming into metal forms and being coated with the colored uniforms... that seems cool... but those big white diamonds have to go, honestly... please.

And lets make the martial arts and explosions a bit more brutal... I don't see why (or how) it could be 'R'... I think PG-13 is just fine, and I'd prefer it as an hour long TV format over a single movie... though an epic trilogy might placate me, I guess...

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