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Default Re: Anticipation for Sequel

Originally Posted by Billy Batson View Post
Anticipation for sequel straight to DvD

There is not, going to be a sequel!
There will be a Reboot in 7 - 10 years
I agree about no sequel - ain't happening.

But I never felt a reboot, which is what I want and the only way to save the franchise now, would come in 7 or even 10 years. Ain't happening IMHO.

Its going to be 15 years at least. I am not as confident now that it will even be 15 years - with the JLA series coming and if it is a success I would not be shocked to see WB put the Superman film franchise on virtually indefinite hold - as in 20 or more years before they try a reboot. Fouc instead on Batman - they are already in preliminary plans for Batman 3 and Flash, WW, GL and others. GL will be more successful by far than even a good Superman film IMO.

The JLA and all the potentially lucrative characters it may spawn casts a shadow over Superman and could hinder a future reboot.

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