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Default Re: Anticipation for Sequel

Originally Posted by wellsy View Post
Dude, you say JLA is happening, and MoS isn't. Seems that you can accept one set of facts, then conveniently ignore another.

Such as this:


Compare that, three paragraphs in wikipedia, with this for Justice League:


Seems to me like SR has plenty more info on a sequel, and is thus probably more likely (see the bold text) than a JLA movie.

Now if you can present your own evidence, then please, enlighten me.

Like I said, give us evidence, or give us silence.
JLA is not a definite go but WB is high on it and I'd say the odds favor it more than an SR sequel.

Do a google search on JLA Movie and then do a news search. Far more articles than you will find doing the same for a SR sequel.

Plus Robinov himself is very hot on JLA if you read some of those articles which quote him.

Now contrast that to an SR sequel - Robinov and Horn have said nothing since October.

Methinks WB knows where the money lies and the franchise future too.

They will fast track it though being ready for 2009 - the first JLA film - will be a tough row to hoe. 2010 looks more likley as some of those articles say.

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