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Default Re: Anticipation for Sequel

Originally Posted by lexlives View Post
You are a bright guy no doubt and a true fan. Legendary aside,I can't fathom why you, as an obvious die-hard Superman fan, settle for the crap Singer gave us.
I can't fathom why you, as someone who claimed to enjoy the film, continue to focus only on the things you didn't like.

This is why I have the phrase "there is no such thing as a 'true fan'" in my signature. Because everyone has their own vision of what Superman (or any other hero, for that matter) is supposed to look/be/act like. And the fact that there are fans who are able to either take what's presented in front of them and roll with it, or not.

I happen to be an example of the former. Growing up, Chris Reeve was my Superman. When Lois & Clark premiered during my freshman year of high school, Dean Cain filled that role. When Smallville premiered in 2001, Tom Welling was the - emphasis on - Clark Kent (not yet Superman). And yes, for a short while I wanted Tom to be Superman. But as SV progressed, that idea became impossible. So, here we are in early 2007. We have a film out that did all right critically and at the BO, and a pretty darn good person in Brandon Routh to fill the blue tights. As I've said on other threads, SR wasn't perfect, but there is room for improvement for all involved. They really have nowhere to go but up.

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