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Default Re: Anticipation for Sequel

Originally Posted by lexlives View Post
You are a bright guy no doubt and a true fan. Legendary aside,I can't fathom why you, as an obvious die-hard Superman fan, settle for the crap Singer gave us. At a time when Spidey and FF2 are getting the Cadillac treatment.

As I told someone else, for the life of me I can't figure some of you guys at times.

This is Superman - there should be no second rate writers, actors, FX or editing. We were had by Singer's wack pack and that an ever smaller group, thankfully it is shrinking, still tries to defend this mediocrity is beyond me.
Legendary is aside because you have no argument, now you are trying to paint yourself as the "true fan" while I have settled. That is fine that you don't like Singer, Mike and Dan, or the movie. I don't want to change your mind, it's your opinion, and you should stick by it.

Where you go wrong is claiming your opinion is superior to others by patronizing posters and masking your opinion as fact while speaking for a so called majority. We were discussing Legendary's involvement in the sequel process and you turned it around into the overused, "true fan" bit, because your argument ran dry.

When you understand the difference between opinion and fact we might be able to have a sophisticated debate again, until then, do your thing.


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