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Default Re: Anticipation for Sequel

Of course they made a profit by pitching in for Superman Returns. Recently in a letter to someone, I explained how the profit made from SR could've simply been because of the Superman icon itself. So many years without this famous hero, and suddenly he makes a return to the big-screen.

That head-start bonus won't happen with the sequel. Fans will be comparing the sequel (obviously), to SR. And many were disappointed. How does Warner Bros. or Legendary expect to make the same profit?

Maybe Legendary's cooperation is indeed irrelevant. I didn't come to disagree... just state a possibility.

Originally Posted by Chris Tolworthy
The environment can be seen as external memory. Our actions leave traces (such as footprints or marks on rocks) and these enable us to reconstruct the past. In the last six thousand years this was refined into writing, and in the last two hundred years this was further refined into machine technology, enabling us to record more and also extract more of the memories we left behind.
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