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Default Re: Anticipation for Sequel

The style of LexLives is "speculations versus facts".
By now we have only confirmations (from the WB, from Variety, from Legendary and from the writers), and I'm sure that Horn will say something about the sequel at the ShoWest.

LexLives if you think to be a smart person with your theories, you are drunk.
According to your crappy logic, at SONY they are only a group of idiots because they greenlited the sequel of Hellboy:

Budget: $66 million
Domestic: $59,623,958 60.0%
+ Foreign: $39,695,029 40.0%

And believe me, Helboy sold 1/10 of the SR merchandise and dvds.
Dear LexLives, prepare your bags, because you'll leave soon this forum

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