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Default Re: Anticipation for Sequel

Originally Posted by \S/JcDc\S/ View Post
Hmmm... That comment is flawed.

The Hulk B.O.
Domestic: $132,177,234 53.9%+ Foreign: $113,107,931 46.1%= Worldwide: $245,285,165

Now let's see SR in comparison:
Domestic: $200,081,192 51.2%+ Foreign: $191,000,000 48.8%= Worldwide: $391,081,192

Also SR has an oscar nomination. Critically it was much better received than the Hulk.
You miss the point. It is what the films cost to produce versus their BO.

Hulk actuially made a little more than it cost to produce from the domestic BO alone. SR did not.

The parallels are striking - down to Lee and some of his team insisting a sequel would happen for up to a year after the releases while the studio was basically silent. Prior to the Hulk DVD launh the studio sort of hinted there could be a Hulksequel but in hindsight I am pretty sure they were trying to boost DVD sales and not really serious.

But even if the Hulk studio was serious in that early indication there could be a sequel they fell silent for a long while and ended up changing their mind.

Again, the Huilk has everything to do with SR. WB will be watching the Hulk relaunch next year and if it does well that may encourage them to try Superman again down the road but as in a reboot/relaunch.

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