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Default Re: Anticipation for Sequel

Originally Posted by Maze View Post

a movie is greenlighted when a script finished and approved:you know for budgetary reason etc ..

Dark knight has been greenlighted in July of last year . One year after the release of begins.

does that mean that one could say that Dark knight was dead in the water for one year?

Another thing ,note that unlike Singer lee has never signed an agreement to write and direct a sequel. expressing interest for a year ? maybe . but not to my

anyways the studio didn't seem to want him back unlike Singer.

you continue to not make any sense Lex .

But the key difference is that WB was able to announce TDK as their tentpole 2008 film at ShoWest - even though they did not have a finalized script or budget agreement on that script. That came in July as you say.

But WB was obviously 100% confident and committed back in March of that year and so announced. That won't happen with SR and that makes a world of difference..

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