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Originally Posted by C. Lee View Post
I think the real question is.....are these guys ready for me?
In my humble opinion. No. I've gone toe to toe with you under a different name and still have the scars from it to this very day.

I don't want that lunacy again this time, fewer warnings, more probations.
Good plan. Though I have to admit the drama outside the film itself was more entertaining than all of what I paid to see last year in the cinemas.

I thought there was already a "Kid War".....but we'll definately have an escalation of hostilities.
Ah, you speak of that reaction to the initial kid revelation... Yes that was but a scuffle compared to what I can foresee. The way I'm thinking is if the superman curl can spark heated debate, something as drastic as adding superboy will bring down nuclear warfare upon us.

Pryor is in it so much becasue....he was one of the biggest names in show business at that time, and said he wanted to do a Superman there is no comparison between his character and the kid.
True. I only compare them because I think at this point I'll generally despise the kid's pressence as much as I do Pryor's if or when this sequel is released and includes super Jason.

But your kidding generaly has a ring of truth to it.....are you working with Singer on the sequel?
Ha ha ha, no but I don't doubt they'd benefit from my input.

All plots of all stories are a rehash of what has gone before in some aspects....
Never thought about it like that...

Movie studios are trying to control the internet.
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