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Re: Power Rangers Re-Imagined.

I have this whole big idea for a Power Rangers series that doesn't suck monkey balls. It starts with a group of teenagers (naturally) finding the ruins of the command center and using what they can salvage of i's technology to play super hero (you know, for fun). They're "Zordon" would be Alpha 42, the only Alpha model android who survived the command center's explosion. He's deeply pessimistic and rather paranoid, and holds a strong resentment torwards Zordon. The team calls him Marvin. Everything goes well until Zyon, the son of Rita and Zed, comes to town (not knowing of our heroes) and tries his hand at organized crime. The show would be chock full of character developement and Hitchhiker's Guid to the Galaxy references. And, in the season finale, two Rangers would die, and one would suffer an emotional breakdown and quit.

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