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Default Re: Power Rangers Re-Imagined.

A while ago I came up with two ideas..


A couple years down the line and the group have given up been Rangers. Zedd steals the ninja coins and creates his own team of evil rangers (maybe even cloning the rangers). So Zordon calls back the team and sacrifices himself, giving his life energy to re-power the old Mighty Morphin and Green Ranger power coins. So it would be old vs. new, Morphin vs. Ninja, good vs. evil rangers.


No kids. No animal sidekicks. No talking robots. No face in a jar Zordon.. I'd keep the uniforms more or less the same, get rid of the white diamonds on them though and I'd probably use the Ninja powers/zords. Probably keep the tone similar to the first movie but play up the sci-fi aspect a bit more and put in some drama..

It would open on two ships dogfighting in space. They both crash on Earth. A group of 5 unlikely teens (sort of know each other round but aren't friends) - Rocky (Jock) and Kimberly (Cheerleader), Billy (geek) and Aiesha (Do-gooder) and Adam (normal one) all go to check out one of the ships. There they find Zordan (his ship is called The Alpha-5) who warns them of an evil (Lord Zedd) and how Zedd has been after his peoples source of power and has already stolen some of it. He reveals he is dying from the crash and bestows powers on them so they can protect their planet from Zedd.

Mean while Tommy (the new guy, kind of a bully) discovers Zedds ship who basically brainwashes him into thinking Zedd is the god guy and transforms him into the Green Ranger and puts him in command of his army (putty men in style but not). So Tommy starts tearing up Angel Grove and the Power Rangers have to come together as friends and a team and learn how to use their new powers in order to stop him.

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