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Alright so here's a scene i've written for my fanscript of Superboy: Experiment 13... actually i'm thinking of renaming it Superboy: Red Hour but i'm not so sure. Anyway, here you go.


Two BURGLARS drop down from an air vent into an empty bank. They wear black sweaters and cargo pants, the getup finished off with black skullcaps and boots, as well as a pair of gloves each. As they creep through, silvery moonlight washes through the high windows, creating long narrow shadows along the floor. At the opposite end of their point of entry is the door of a large steel safe. Burglar 2 pulls out a hotgun and begins to break the heavy lock on the safe. Suddenly, a WHOOSH breaks the silence. BURGLAR 1 turns and looks hesitantly around the bank.

What is it?

I-I dunno...must be an open window or somethin'.

Well then lets move it, huh?

Burglar 2 looks at the glowing face of a digital watch. He returns to his work but he feels Burglar 1 tapping his shoulder fervently. Burglar 2 looks, and standing behind them is CONNER, arms crossed, dressed in a black T-shirt with the RED SUPERMAN SYMBOL outlined on it. A pair of jeans and black and red sneakers complete his ensemble. He smirks confidently and raises one eyebrow. Burglar 2 starts laughing.

What's this? Some kinda joke, right? Alright then, Superboy, you've had your fun, so beat it and let us finish our--

Conner moves with BLINDING SPEED, and is now standing directly in front of Burglar 2. Using his superhuman strength, he lifts Burglar 2 off his feet. Conner's eyebrows are furrowed, and his grin has become a scowl. Burglar 1 backs up, a frightened expression splayed across his face.

Dont ever call me Superboy--

With the slightest push, Burglar 2 is hurled back into Burglar 1. Their momentum causes them to fly back and slam against the safe's door. They slump to the floor in an unconscious heap.

CONNER (Cont'd)
Got it?

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