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Default Re: PRETEND! It's a restart, name your dream CAST/DIRECTOR/COMPOSER

Hugh Laurie as Perry White - Singer's original choice, very reminiscent of Jackie Cooper whereas Frank Langella gives off more of a John Hamilton vibe.

Terence Stamp as Jor-El - Does great voiceover work on Smallville, and has aged enough since the Zod days that only true gangsta's will know. Kneel, *****es!

Evangeline Lilly as Lois Lane - Hotter, Better Actress. Not much else to say, but if anyone here watches Lost, you know she'd play a strong Lois like Margot, Kate just came off a little snotty.

Kurt Angle as Lex Luthor - Professional Wrestler -- Is good at acting. Looks like TAS a little.

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