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Default Re: Power Rangers Re-Imagined.

Originally Posted by Artistsean View Post
A few people have mentioned wanting to do, or wanted done, a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie Re-Imagined.

So here is the thread to post your ideas on how you think it should be re-imagined.

My idea for a Power Rangers (reimagined) movie, is sort of the same way they are now only with A level special effects.
Use lots of CG effects, in a good way and not overtly CG, and use special effects artists like Stan Winston.

They would still be teenagers called on by an alien to help save the world against invading alien forces, but I'd make it more realistic and dramatic. I'd eliminate most or all of the cheese factor.
Not possible.

There is no Marvel/DC rivalry. Most of the great comic creators worked for both; Jack Kirby, Frank Miller, Grant Morrison, Walt Simonsen, Gil Kane, Steve Ditko, John Byrne, Steve Englehart, Mark Waid...even Stan Lee.
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