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Angry Re: Goku vs Superman

Well, seems like nobody here knows anything about Dragon Ball! And yet they keep making comments about it!

About Goku:
- Goku can take bullets (he could even as a kid, when Bluma shot him in the HEAD and he didn't even had a scar).
- Goku is a hell fast, maybe not faster than Superman, but he has teleportation for those circumstances.
- Goku can produce energy balls and rays strong enough to destroy planets (his maxed kame hame ha would do it, not even talking about genki dama -spirit bomb- or kaioken, which he even takes at a x1000 rate, and which he can combine with Super Saiyajin forms).
- About, Super Saiyajin forms, he defeated Broli (who can destroy planets just merely using a single-handed energy bolt) in a SSJ-1 form, not even talking about what he would do to Superman or anyone else in a SSJ-4 form.
- Goku can survive in space without breathing (he could since the Freezer saga)
- Superman may hear a mile away, but Superman can feel a ki and track it galaxies away, like he did with Broli, not even missing the planet, he actually reached the right spot where he was.
- Finally, Goku is merged with the Dragon Balls, and he is a god. So screw Superman or anything else.

BTW: I think that if he can concentrate the universe energy in a Genki Dama, if you think like all the comic-writters, all the Kryptonyte energy of the universe would also be merged there.

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