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Default Re: Goku vs Superman

Originally Posted by fuirandji View Post
Well, seems like nobody here knows anything about Dragon Ball! And yet they keep making comments about it!

About Goku:
- Goku can take bullets (he could even as a kid, when Bluma shot him in the HEAD and he didn't even had a scar).
- Goku is a hell fast, maybe not faster than Superman, but he has teleportation for those circumstances.
- Goku can produce energy balls and rays strong enough to destroy planets (his maxed kame hame ha would do it, not even talking about genki dama -spirit bomb- or kaioken, which he even takes at a x1000 rate, and which he can combine with Super Saiyajin forms).
- About, Super Saiyajin forms, he defeated Broli (who can destroy planets just merely using a single-handed energy bolt) in a SSJ-1 form, not even talking about what he would do to Superman or anyone else in a SSJ-4 form.
- Goku can survive in space without breathing (he could since the Freezer saga)
- Superman may hear a mile away, but Superman can feel a ki and track it galaxies away, like he did with Broli, not even missing the planet, he actually reached the right spot where he was.
- Finally, Goku is merged with the Dragon Balls, and he is a god. So screw Superman or anything else.

BTW: I think that if he can concentrate the universe energy in a Genki Dama, if you think like all the comic-writters, all the Kryptonyte energy of the universe would also be merged there.
this is an entertaining thread, it reminds me of a debate i had when i was 15 with a group of my friends. lol. i love this thread!

anyways, Goku could move as fast as the speed of light at the end of original dragonball and since Z he has only gotten faster.

supes would win based on one simple fact: he is invincible.
goku is near invincible and, if not powered up, can be bruised.

other than that fact, i'd give it to Goku...he has supes beat in almost every other category.

and to properly setup a match such as this, youd have to weigh in on basic traits and then special ones.


Their unique Powers

ps- if goku wanted to cheeze superman, he could just teleport him to a planet with a red sun and end the fight in a second.

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