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Default Re: PRETEND! It's a restart, name your dream CAST/DIRECTOR/COMPOSER

Originally Posted by JackBauer View Post
it's not that big of a complication.

and as for fans, they're fickle. look at the reactions Michael Keaton and Daniel Craig got when they were announced as Batman and Bond. if it turns out great, the fans accept it.
I think Routh was great in the same regard but he gets alot of smack for wearing a muscle suit...

Just imagine what a laughing stock this dude would be with fans when they would have had to fake his height for the film.

I dont think its a good idea.

But I generally agree with most of ur casting decisions in the past; just not this one.

If they have to replace BR, they need another unknown like him with the right look, height and voice. If they want a known hollywood actor like Jude Law; then we're ****ed for a really bad movie.

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