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Default Re: Superman the Movie = STILL the greatest superhero movie

Originally Posted by Kevin Roegele View Post
Batman Forever is fun, but that doesn't make it a good film, just good entertainment (for me, atleast).
Darkman is more than good entertainment for me. Its great entertainment!

I think it's better than the first Spidey movie because it has a better script, cinematography, and direction.
Okay, Darkman doesn't have a better script or direction than Superman but the cinematography is definitly more creative! That was Raimi in Evil Dead mode!

Personal taste, I enjoy Fantastic Four, but I'd never call it more than a very average piece of film making.
I second that! But, getting back to Darkman I simply think its a really fun movie to watch! Superman is a great film but Darkman is just so much fun to watch. Maybe it isn't better but I definitly enjoy watching it more.

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